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Adjustable Recirculation Chimney (ARC 640/820)


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Welcome to TPI-Polytechniek BV

TPI-Polytechniek is supplier of polyurethane components for agricultural ventilation systems. The total program is produced in our own production facilities in Poland.The used polyurethane is a strong and durable material and assures an optimum insulation. (See Polyurethane for more background information)

Constantly the program is monitored and adjusted to follow the market developments on the spot. Our active and experienced sales team assures a fast and adequate sales support and a market conform stock management guarantees short delivery-times. We put the client upfront!

We gladly show you our complete product line through our new advanced website. The new site is built to provide you in an easy and pleasant way with the information required. Next to this, it offers interesting information and novelties. Therefore, we advise to visit our site on a regular base and to subscribe to our free newsletter. 


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TPI-Polytechniek BV
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