Equal pressure ventilation for pigs

We produced and delivered a series of dynamic recirculation chimneys for equal pressure ventilation concept which was built into a pig house. This novelty of using equal pressure ventilation in pig housing concepts is taking flight in Scandinavia. In this area the recirculation aspects of these chimneys also help to save on heating costs. Pigs are very sensitive to cold air flows. Therefore the option to pre-heat air before taking it into the section of the house where the animals are located is a game-changer. Pre-heated air from inside the house gets mixed with fresh air from outside. And thus providing in a mixture of oxygen-rich warm air. Recirculation chimneys on its own are not a new thing, but the automatic adjustment functionality in this chimney set-up offers more flexibility. The bottom section of the chimney can be raised or lowered with a motor winch or actuator to increase or decrease recirculation capacity.


ARC-D Ventilation chimney TPI-Polytechniek

ARC Ventilation Chimney - Pig House Scandinavia - TPI-Polytechniek


Key advantages of equal pressure ventilation systems are:
– Very precise control over the ventilation capacity and therefore climate.
– Usable in houses that are not completely sealed off.
– Preventing cold air from dropping directly onto the animals.
– Strong system in wintertime where recirculation helps save on heating costs.
– Equal spread of fine dust over the house, no piles of dust in corners.



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