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Agricultural ventilation components since 1996


TPI Holland splits into TPI Holland and TPI-Polytechnics. At this point, TPI-Polytechnics has the exclusive agency for REA-DAN products in the west of Europe. At the very start, our offices were located in Vught and the production facilities were in northern Germany.




We moved offices from Vught, where it all started, to De Waterman 4 in Den Bosch. From this brand new facility, we started growing our company internationally at a much faster pace. We continuously expanded our warehouse capacity to meet the growing demand for our ventilation components.






2001 marked the start of moving our production facilities from Germany to Poland. A good start of the millennium! Poland would eventually turn out to be the destination for future production facilities of TPI-Polytechnics and other companies within the SP Group.





In 2003 we merged with SP Group A/S. With this merger, TPI became full owner of the REA-DAN product program. Merging with the SP group also gave us the chance to improve production quality and diversity. And it made sure we could further expand our activities geographically. The specialities of other companies within the group have helped us to find the best solutions for product parts made with for example injection moulding and vacuum forming to name a few.


Due to continued growth and the need for more warehouse capacity we moved from De Waterman 4 to De Steenbok 24 in Den Bosch. This location is where we still reside today. With loads of storage capacity, offices for our R&D and sales department, this is where most of us come together and where we receive our valued customers and partners, the head office of TPI!





In 2014 general director Jeroen van der Heijden passed the reins to Loïc van der Heijden. After building up TPI-Polytechnics for quite some years Jeroen van der Heijden found it was time to leave the company in the hands of his successor, Loïc van der Heijden. Whilst still working together at the company they gained a good share of experience in agricultural ventilation which is still shared within the company today.





In 2014 we endured the collapse of our warehouse due to a severe storm, luckily after some renovation, we could continue our business as usual. The renovations mainly consisted of restoring the damaged walls and reinforcing the steel structure in the back of the warehouse. During the collapse, a water pipe had burst open, so some mopping was necessary too.






In 2016 we celebrated our 20th anniversary by releasing the Omniflux as well as the new 3000-VFG-C inlet. During the EuroTier and other tradeshows that year we introduced our new inlets and celebrated this milestone with our customers.





A very happy year indeed! In 2018 we opened our brand new production facilities in Poland. With loads of new space and modernised machinery, we are more than ready for the years to come. Our production capacity doubled and there is even  more room for growth when it is needed. With special thanks to all of the staff working in Poland for the warm welcome and festivities whilst celebrating the grand opening.


In 2019 we set up a second base as our warehouse and office of TPI-Polytechnics Inc, in Mount Pleasant (IA), USA was founded. Due to our increased focus and activities on the American market, we decided to take the step and expand our company overseas!






Followed by our expansion to the United States we also felt a need to expand to the east to better service our Asian customers. We see a lot of potential in Asia and therefore the founding of our warehouse and offices of TPI-Polytechnics Co., Ltd, in Suzhou China in 2020 became a reality.






And here we are, still going strong and celebrating 25 years of agricultural ventilation! We would like to thank our customers and loyal partners who stood by us on this journey. Together we hope to see many more years of collaboration and growth in the agricultural trade worldwide.


Who are we?

“As a global supplier of polyurethane ventilation components TPI-Polytechnics aims to create the best the environmental conditions and climates in buildings where livestock is housed”

What we value most is animal wellbeing, therefore we produce quality products that function in all housing concepts no matter the local climate or weather conditions. We know that farmers have a passion for keeping healthy, strong animals while delivering quality products. Our passion is in delivering suitable solutions for each farmer and type of farm. With over 25 years of experience in worldwide livestock keeping, we found that our strength lies in the diversity of our program. We have the widest range of ventilation components in the market enabling our customers to create ventilation systems customized to their needs and wishes.

Next to our product diversity, we believe in the value of insulation, this has always been one of the core beliefs in our company. We produce our ventilation components out of our own unique polyurethane formula which gives our products very high insulation values. This helps with preventing freezing effects better compared to plastic, metal, or wooden constructions. It helps against condensation and prevents moisture from dripping into the house through the ventilation system. Insulation is key in controlling your temperature while saving on heating or cooling costs. Overall our components work with all commonly known controllers, climate computers, and connection systems.