The unique properties and advantages of polyurethane


What is polyurethane

A very versatile material, polyurethane is used in many products and constructions. It is perhaps most known as insulation foam for closing cracks and crannies. Polyurethane is also used as a soft cushion or layer in car seats and office chairs. It is used in safety helmets, caravans, airplane cabins, surfboards and much, much more. The reason PU is found all around us is that it can be shaped into many forms with different densities and structures. The characteristics of polyurethane are perfect for ventilation components.

Finding the right formula

Ever since we started the production of ventilation components we have used a unique material for our products. This material sets us apart from other players in the market and gives unique advantages. Our program is produced out of a high-quality polyurethane formula. Polyurethane was always our material of choice to create strong, durable and long-lasting products. Over the years we have continuously reviewed our formula and optimized it to stay on top of the high-quality standards we set for ourselves. We also confirm to the latest legislation and adhere to European law and standards.

Testing for durability

We have used structural prototyping, endurance testing, airspeed & temperature simulations and much more to discover how our materials hold up and perform under different climatic circumstances. We find that for ventilation purposes the insulation values from PU hold the key to optimal functioning in extremely cold and hot weather conditions. For transport and easy installation, it helps that polyurethane is very lightweight and the outer skin on our products remains strong. For durability, we found that polyurethane does not deteriorate from natural influences like rust or rot which can be found in metal and wood. Over the years PU has proven to be an excellent material for our purpose, which is designing and producing ventilation components for the agricultural sector.

Creating quality products

With PU, we have chosen our preferred production material and with it, we have developed a wide product program. With a keen eye for detail, our R&D department is always working on product development and the creation of new solutions for changing markets. Guided by the advice of our sales colleagues who travel around the world, we aim to always offer a suitable solution for each ventilation concept.

Key Advantages

  • Polyurethane is very lightweight and therefore cheap in transport and easy in installation.
  • The unique formula we use gives our products a strong outer skin.
  • With an R-value of 0.93 the inner structure of our products insulates very well.
  • The insulation aspect of our products helps to prevent the formation of condensation.
  • Our products are much less likely to show freezing effects compared to plastic, metal or wood.

For further information on the unique qualities or practical use of polyurethane, feel free to get in touch with us!