Equal pressure ventilation for poultry

Equal pressure ventilation is specifically needed in free-range poultry layer houses. The birds can then go out through the popholes in the house. To keep the ventilation from coming in through the popholes the TPI equal pressure ventilation chimneys can be used. This helps to keep the litter optimal inside the layer house. These ARC type chimneys keep the pressure inside the house equal to the pressure outside the house. The airflow is still present in the house and fresh air does come inside and to the birds. Also the dirty air is taken out by chimneys.


Equal pressure ventilation for poultry TPI-Polytechniek


In Habscheid, Germany a series of TPI equal pressure ventilation chimneys are installed in a new poultry house. These chimneys make use of a recirculation element which you can see in the pictures below. The recirculation functionality is mostly used during colder days and saves on heating costs.


Key advantages of equal pressure ventilation systems are:
– Very precise control over the ventilation capacity and therefore climate.
– Usable in houses that are not completely sealed off, like free-range houses.
– Strong system in wintertime where recirculation helps save on heating costs.
– Equal spread of fine dust over the house, no piles of dust in corners.

This house makes use of equal pressure ventilation meaning air is actively pushed in and taken out of the house. This is the reason all intake and exhaust chimneys are equipped with fans.  Since this is a free-range poultry house with pop holes the use of regular ventilation based on negative pressure is not suitable for this house.



A variety of ventilation chimneys is suitable for use in free range houses. The recirculation chimney is available in a few different versions for different houses and solutions. We have recirculation chimneys that are built with a fixed or dynamic set-up. Next to these standard models we can supply components to build or assemble a chimney to very specific needs.