About SP Group A/S

SP Group A/S manufactures moulded plastic and composite components and performs coatings on plastic and metal components.

SP Group A/S is a leading supplier of plastic-manufactured products to Danish industries and has increasing sales and growing production from own factories in Denmark, China, USA, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden and Poland. In addition, SP Group A/S has sales and service companies in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Canada. SP Group A/S is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, employed 2,181 people at year end 2019 and had approx. 2,350 registered shareholders.

We also function as systems suppliers

SP Group A/S consists of a number of plastics processing plants that create synergy internally among them and externally in partnerships with customers.

Today’s market increasingly demands systems suppliers that can generate added value and competitiveness in strategic partnerships and be ready as subsuppliers to follow the customers in a globalized growth strategy.

There is always a solution inside the group

Many factors are at play when you choose production method for plastic components, among them size, number, units, lifetime cycle, material requirements and design. Choice of production method is not static; it often changes during the lifetime of a product. Thanks to SP Group’s collective competencies, we are always ready with advice and offer our customers the optimal production method.