Who are we?

“As a global supplier of polyurethane ventilation components TPI-Polytechnics aims to create the best the environmental conditions and climates in buildings where livestock is housed”

What we value most is animal wellbeing, therefore we produce quality products that function in all housing concepts no matter the local climate or weather conditions. We know that farmers have a passion for keeping healthy, strong animals while delivering quality products. Our passion is in delivering suitable solutions for each farmer and type of farm. With over 25 years of experience in worldwide livestock keeping, we found that our strength lies in the diversity of our program. We have the widest range of ventilation components in the market enabling our customers to create ventilation systems customized to their needs and wishes.

Next to our product diversity, we believe in the value of insulation, this has always been one of the core beliefs in our company. We produce our ventilation components out of our own unique polyurethane formula which gives our products very high insulation values. This helps with preventing freezing effects better compared to plastic, metal, or wooden constructions. It helps against condensation and prevents moisture from dripping into the house through the ventilation system. Insulation is key in controlling your temperature while saving on heating or cooling costs. Overall our components work with all commonly known controllers, climate computers, and connection systems.

Our Team

Our team currently exists out of 13 team members who are introduced below;

Loïc van der Heijden Managing Director
Joost KosterArea Sales Manager – Europe, North America
Jan VerschuerenArea Sales Manager – EMEA
Peter Markert Area Sales Manager – Asia Pacific
Anna BorkowiczArea Sales Manager – Poland
Paul TummersOffice Manager
Sjors Jacobs Marketing Coördinator
Jeroen KnobenLogistics Representative
Raimond Van KeulenLogistics Representative
Carlo BuijsLogistics Representative
Toon Van RooijFinancial Administrator
Berry EskesProduct Developer R&D
Roy De WitProduct Developer R&D