120-P-C Ceiling Inlet

The 120-P-C ceiling inlet is specially designed for installation in ceilings. It takes the fresh air from the attic and brings it into the house. The inlet is aerodynamically curved and ensures an optimal throw of the air. The 120-P-C ceiling inlet utilizes the Coanda effect. The air will stick better to the ceiling. This makes the throw continue further from the inlet before coming down.    Using ceiling inlets inside a livestock house makes the fresh air warm up in the attic, and then the warmed-up air will go inside the house.


Warming up the air before it goes to your animals has some benefits. Especially in colder areas in the world, you can use the warmer air in the attic to mix with the fresh incoming air. If the air is too cold when reaching your animals, they get sick. When using the TPI Ceiling inlets, you will get healthier animals with a better production capacity.


The 120-P-C is a small-sized air inlet. We offer larger sizes as well. Please feel free to look at our 160-P-C, our 160-PD-C and the 180-P-C. All TPI Ceiling inlets are controlled by means of a central plastic arm.


Capacity in m3/hour at a static pressure of:










Product information:



20 cm / 7.9 Inch


1.5 kg / 14.7 Newton

Number / pallet

24 (1.20 x 0.80 x 2.40 m)

Weight / per inlet

2.2kg / 4.9 Lbs

Volume / per box