News Flash Omniflux Update

News Flash:

Omniflux updated to the new standard

We have updated our Omniflux to the newest standards. With the improved sliding door system, the inlet performs even better. We have changed the rail and the sliders to have less friction, making it easier for the air vent to open or close.



The seals in the air inlet house have changed to a different shape. These ensure no air leaks along the sides of the sliding plate of the Omniflux and create less friction with the slider.


The quick release system for taking the plate out of the air vent’s house has been redeveloped and is now easier to operate. You can feel a special nudge on the quick release to open or close.


The omniflux now comes with extra mounting point markers. It is now easy to see where to put the screws for a correct mounting of the Omniflux.


Ventilation pig and poultry house side wall inlet Omniflux mounting - TPI-Polytechniek


We did not forget about the looks of our product as well. The louvers are now made in black, giving the Omniflux its sleek look. You can set these easy to make the airflow go exactly where you need it in your poultry or pig barn.

Omniflux Air Inlet

We feel that these improvements will benefit your ventilation system immensely.



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