Introducing AERON

AERON, minimum ventilation, maximum control!
We offer an air inlet equipped with the very best features required in the market today. For over 25 years we have been developing air inlets, and the experience we gathered is poured into this unique inlet. The shape of the house, designed with airflow simulation software, guarantees optimal performance. A combination of materials and air seals helps to make this inlet suitable in many different climates.


The W-shape of the inner valve helps to create jets which give perfect control during minimum ventilation. During maximum ventilation, the air is also guided down towards the animals for a cooling effect. With a middle hinged inner valve air also flows underneath the valve when opened over 30%. Newly designed clock springs on each side of the valve help open the inlet and keep control. Curious to hear more about the Aeron? Contact our sales team, or visit us at the VIV Asia!


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