Ventum Inlet poultry projects – South Korea

Showcasing some poultry broiler house projects in South Korea



Our Ventum air inlet is a great success in South Korea. The air vents are being used in poultry broiler projects. First introduced in January 2020 at the IPPE show in Atlanta, the Ventum turns out to be not just a good fit for the US market. It is also used a lot in South Korea. Together with our partner Bumjin system, we managed to install quite a few nice broiler house projects in this area.

The inlets are used for winter ventilation and do not freeze up during the wintertime in South Korea. Mind you, it can be quite cold there. The reason the Ventum is not freezing up is because of the seals we put in the housing of the wall inlet. There is almost no air leakage when the inlet is closed. Therefore, almost no condensation forms around the inner valve and the housing. The Ventum is made out of highly durable and insulating polyurethane.

The latest pulley unit has the closing catch fully integrated, and locking inlets has never been so easy. You can lock certain inlets while maintaining other inlets to keep opening. This will give you the best possible control over your broiler barn’s indoor climate.

To give you a better impression, please take a look at this video.


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