Suspension Materials

We offer suspension solutions for our chimneys for many types of roof constructions. There are three ways in which we can mount the chimney in place.

Bolted Suspension

The first option uses bolted suspension. A rigid ring is used to directly bolt the chimney on the wooden or metal support beams. This ring works well with flat ceilings and ridge mounting, where the chimney is in a central and symmetrical position.

Suspension Ring with Chains

The second option is to use a suspension ring with a set of chains to suspend the chimney from different types of structures. This works well in asymmetrical and challenging locations. The chain lengths can be individually set, and the mounting points can be determined during the installation.

Fan Brackets as Suspension points.

This option is fairly similar to the option described above. In this case, the chimney has a fan installed inside. We can use these bracket points to connect the chain to hang the chimney. This option can also be used in asymmetrical and challenging locations.

Securing a chimney with cables

The suspension ring can be used to secure the chimney if they stick out of the roof higher. Combined with cables this stops the chimney from collapsing due to wind.