Roof Solutions

TPI offers several roof solutions for chimneys to make sure the connection between the ventilation chimneys and the roof is airtight. It is important that there is no leakage of air alongside the chimney to optimize the overall working of your ventilation system.

Roof Seals

For closing the gaps around chimneys and the roof construction we offer flexible roof seals made out of PVC. These seals can be glued to the roof panels around the chimney using silicone sealant. These flexible seals will take on the shape of the roof.

Roof Plates

Instead of the flexible seals we can offer rigid roof plates. These plates need to be glued in place on the roof panels. These roof plates can be made to match many panel shapes and profiles. The following aspects are important to determine the type of roof plate that your house needs.

  • The position of the chimney on the roof. (e.g. Is the chimney mounted on the sides of the roof or in the middle of the ridge?)
  • The angle of the roof slope.
  • The profile of the roof plate.
  • The width and length.
  • The use or the absence of a flange.

Our sales team is ready to assist you with any questions. Please feel free to contact us.

Contra Rings

We offer contra rings to close the space between the chimney and the roof inside the house. These PVC rings need to be positioned around the chimney. They are then bolted and glued with silicone sealant to the roof from the inside of the house.