Vuela Air Inlet


Revolutionizing livestock farming: Introducing VUELA | Always in control

In a world where the quality of indoor air is becoming increasingly important, TPI-Polytechniek is proud to introduce VUELA, a innovative ventilation inlet, designed to optimize airflow within facilities like never before. With its unique V-shaped valve, VUELA sets new standards for efficiency, durability and ease of use in ventilation technology.


Unique valve shape
VUELA is equipped with an innovative V-shaped inner valve that guides air optimally under all conditions. This unique shape ensures that air jets penetrate deep into the facility, guaranteeing even and effective distribution of cool air. Comparing this technology with traditional systems VUELA’s performance really stands out. It’s a revolutionary advancement in managing indoor climates.


Perfected ventilation control: From minimum to maximum capacity
VUELA ensures unmatched control over the facility’s ventilation. From a minimum capacity of 55 cfm at 0.05 SP at the minimum opening to an impressive maximum capacity of 1890 cfm at 0.15 SP at full opening, VUELA perfecty aligns with your requirements. These capacity ranges highlight not just VUELA’s versatility but also its commitment to delivering optimal performance under any circumstance.


Built to last
VUELA comes equipped with the latest accessories and seals, including a new pulley unit made from durable ABS. This makes the system resistant to chemical and high-pressure cleaning while also being easy to maintain and assemble – a true revolution in the ease of ventilation maintenance.


Effortless 145-VFG replacement with VUELA
VUELA is specifically designed to easily replace the 145-VFG, making the transition to more efficient ventilation effortless. Without the need for extensive adjustments, VUELA offers a perfect fit and the future of efficient ventilation within reach.


The future of ventilation is here
With VUELA, TPI-Polytechniek embraces the future of indoor air management, where efficiency, durability, and ease of use are essential. We invite you to experience the advancements in airflow technology that only VUELA can provide




Capacity in m3 / hour at a static pressure of:









Product information:


38 cm / 14.9 Inch


3.5 kg / 34 Newton

Number / pallet

52 (1.30 x 0.80 x 2.40 m)

Weight / per inlet

1,8 kg / 4.0 lbs

Volume / per box