CBC – Conic Butterfly Chimney

This chimney is equipped with a PE cone on top and an air guide at the bottom to optimise capacity. A butterfly valve is situated on top of the chimney. This valve automatically opens when the fan pushes air through the chimney, and it closes by gravity when the fan turns off. The butterfly valve is mounted on top of the chimney so that when the flap closes rainwater doesn’t enter the chimney.


*in this chimney an on-off fan is required, however, a fan is not part of this product assembly as presented. All our chimneys are produced out of high-quality polyurethane.


TPI-Polytechniek offers a wide program of chimney parts which can be combined into fitting solutions for each housing concept. In our catalogue, we present 4 models of exhaust chimneys that are most commonly used. The height of the chimneys can be changed and variations on these models are of course possible. Our chimney component program is produced out of high-quality polyurethane and thus guarantees high insulation values. This makes our chimneys suitable for use in all climate conditions. We offer our chimney components in two colours, our standard PU yellow and black. For more information on the possibilities of our program please contact our sales team.


All chimneys are available in the following dimensions:

640 / 720 / 820 / 920 mm