ARC-F – Automatic Recirculation Chimney Fixed

The ARC-F Automatic Recirculation Chimney is equipped with an adjustable recirculation opening. This makes the inlet chimney perfectly suitable for equal-pressure ventilation concepts. The recirculation opening allows warm air from inside the house to be mixed with the fresh air drawn in from outside the house. With recirculation techniques, you can save on heating costs.

The fixed part of this chimney is in the bottom section. It has a diffuser plate that is fixed to the air guide and will move up and down together with the part where the fan is placed. The recirculation opening can be adjusted, while the opening between the air guide and diffuser plate will remain fixed.

Three variables are automatically controlled, and the chimney can adapt to changing climate conditions. The three variables are The recirculation opening (how much air will recirculate from the house and mix with the fresh air); The fan speed (you can control the fan speed and regulate the incoming airflow); 3 The position of the damper unit’s flaps (to control the volume of the incoming air).

TPI-Polytechniek offers a wide program of chimney parts that can be combined into fitting solutions for each housing concept.


All chimneys are available in the following dimensions:

640 / 720 / 820 / 920 mm
This inlet chimney requires a fan in the bottom section. All our chimneys are made out of high-quality polyurethane.


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