Review of the IPPE Atlanta

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is an annual show which is very important to us. Considered the best poultry show in the United States we were happy to take part for the 4th consecutive time. The IPPE was a very busy show this year and brought by many valued customers, new prospects and visitors from all over the world. The key markets we try to serve by attending this show are the American, Canadian and Mexican markets.


Poultry houses are usually bigger over at this side of the Atlantic, in Canada the weather can get very cold in winter and in Mexico scorching hot in summer. The weather extremes and building concepts have motivated us to bring our finest selection of products which really prove their worth in these conditions. To meet the US standard dimensions we have also tailor made an inlet which can be used in new and in existing projects where inlets need replacement.


With the size of 44 x 13” we have created the VENTUM, a wall inlet made out of the highly insulating polyurethane we are known for. This new inlets was very well received by our public as many visitors were eager to learn about its features and  technical working. The first projects in the US are scheduled for this year and thereby we conclude to have had a very successful show.


We thank all of our visitors for stopping by and hope to see you again in 2021!