How to, Prepare your poultry house ventilation for the summer heat

Poultry House Ventilation


The trees have turned green, the new lambs are born and summer is setting in! We are looking forward to the summer and with this article try to help you prepare your poultry farm for the rising temperatures. The poultry house ventilation system plays a crucial role in keeping your flock cool in the summertime, here are 3 tips to keep your birds cool:


1. This might come as no surprise but good cleaning of all parts of the ventilation system is essential. Not only the air inlet valves or ventilation chimneys themselves have to carefully be cleaned. The controls such as main cables, pulleys, springs, cable guides, light filters and wind hoods or air ducts should all be cleaned regularly. This ensures that your system is operating optimal during even the most extreme temperatures on some days in the summer.


2. Key adjustments to the ventilation system should be made each season. One of the important changes for summer is an increased bandwidth to about 7◦C so the difference between day and night isn’t too big.


3. By keeping the lights on a bit longer after nightfall the birds are spread out more evenly over the house. This helps to decrease heat inside the house during nighttime. While we are talking about light, in extreme days the light filters (if installed) of the air inlet valves can be removed from the sidewalls of your poultry house to get that bit of extra capacity to cool the birds.


We hope these tips help you to keep your flock healthy. As always we are here to help with any further questions or advice on how to optimize your poultry house ventilation system, feel free to contact us!