A wide range of ventilation chimneys

TPI-Polytechniek is well-known worldwide for its product range of polyurethane air inlet valves for livestock farms. In addition, TPI has an extensive range of inlet and exhaust chimneys and accessories for ventilation chimneys. All are made of high-quality and durable polyurethane (PU) and that makes them very well insulated. The surface of our PU chimneys is made of the same material but in a much higher density giving it a nice smooth surface and are easy to clean with a pressure washer. We have a range of polyester-coated chimneys as well.



Our chimneys are made in different diameters between 640mm and 920mm. The TPI-Polytechniek ventilation chimneys consist of half shells for easy transport and mounting. The standard half shells are 1m or 0,5m long and the thickness is 25 mm. The half shells can be cut down and supplied at any required length. The advantages of half shells in comparison to complete round chimneys are the ease of handling and the reduced volume required for transport. All our chimneys can be built in custom formats for clients. There are options of chimneys with a conical anti-rain ring or cap and different types of adjusting flaps, butterfly valves, inlet flanges and mounting materials. All of which allows you to build an inlet chimney or exhaust chimney that will be a perfect fit for your particular ventilation concept. All PU components are available in our well-known yellow or in black color. In addition, roofing materials can be supplied. One option is a flexible PVC roof seal fit for any kind of roof. Alternatively you can opt for a fixed roof plate in polyethylene (PE), which is custom made to the roof pitch and profile of the roof covering.


Our area sales managers can assist you to compile an offer that will suit your project. They will calculate the required diameter, length and setup of the chimney according to the ventilation needs of your livestock building. We offer this advice without obligation, and it will help you make offers to fit your clients’ requirements.