Aeron Air Inlet

The ultimate air inlet for poultry houses and pig barns with near-perfect control in both minimum and maximum ventilation due to Aerodynamics.


Minimum ventilation, maximum control

For most poultry and pig farmers getting the minimum ventilation right is a challenge. Minimum ventilation is especially tricky in cold climates. The challenge lies in bringing small volumes of air up to speed, to prevent the air from dropping directly onto the animals. With a minimum as low as 80m3/h at 20Pa the Aeron still guides air upwards to the center of the house.


Unique valve shape

The aerodynamic shape of the inner valve of the Aeron is to optimally guide air into the house under all circumstances. During both minimum and maximum capacity. In the minimum range, air jets created by the curved inner valve deliver fresh air far into the house. After opening up further, in the medium capacity range, air flows over the full width of the valve, without the sides opening up. When the valve opens up over 30%, the bottom section of the inlet opens up and the air is also guided downwards. By running flow simulations, we decided the optimal curvature and roundness for the valve and its house. This ensures air flows with the least amount of resistance and turbulence.


A cooling effect

The Aeron performs very well at maximum capacity. When the animals are bigger or the temperature is rising, the air jets direct the air straight into the house. At this stage, the air is also guided underneath the inner valve towards the floor of the house. This helps create a wind-chill effect that cools the animals. A great way to transition into tunnel ventilation. At the maximum opening, this air inlet has a capacity of 4400m3/h at 20Pa.


Equipped with the latest accessories and seals

When considering optimal control of your indoor climate, it is not finished with the design of the right inlet. The accessories used to control the inlet do half the work and need to be properly installed and adjusted. Our brand new pulley unit offers an integrated closing catch. This closing catch can be used to lock the Aeron during cleaning. Made out of strong and durable ABS this pulley unit supports two wheels to guide the nylon cords in any direction. The pulley wheels on top also act as a support to the main cable.



Capacity in m3 / hour at a static pressure of:










Product information:



65 cm / 25.6 Inch


2 kg / 19.6 Newton

Number / pallet

18 (1.20 x 0.80 x 2.40 m)

Weight / per inlet

4.05 kg / 8.91 Lbs

Volume / per box