Agricultural entrepreneurs want optimal control of the incoming air. Control over the air direction, independent to the ventilation capacity demand. The omniflux was developed to meet this need. The omniflux features four louvres that can be positioned independently. These louvres determine the direction of the incoming air. On the inside of the house, a plate slides in front of the louvres to regulate the capacity of the omniflux.

Six reasons to choose the omniflux
There are more than six compelling reasons to choose the omniflux, but the main ones are summarised here.


1. Settable louvres
The four louvres can be set independently. The louvres click and hold in the set position. They are also, for example, held in place during cleaning.

2. Optimal seal
The special seals around the housing are dimensionally stable, wear resistant and stretch and shrink resistant. This guarantees a perfect seal for years and optimal air flow control.

3. Rounded edges
The rounded edges on the outside of the housing considerably reduce resistance. This increases the capacity and improves the air flow.


4. Unique guide system
TPI-Polytechniek has developed a guide system specially for the omniflux that prevents the plate from sticking. The plate is simple to remove to make cleaning easier.

5. High insulation value
TPI-Polytechniek uses a unique type of polyurethane that creates a high insulation value with an extremely strong exterior finish. This prevents condensation and guarantees optimal functionality in all climatic conditions.

6. Quality assured profiled plate
The profiled plate has guaranteed dimensional stability. The logo on each omniflux gives you the assurance of outstanding TPI-Polytechniek quality.

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TPI-Polytechniek stands for quality and reliability. The products are good and the service is good – and that is what counts! Enough fresh air for my broilers means healthy birds and a healthy business. Air inlets from TPI really do make a positive contribution.”

Gerwin Bronk - Poultry producer