The AARC or Automatic Adjustable Recirculation Chimney is a new model of air inlet chimney in our program. This air inlet chimney is equipped with an automatic adjustable bottom section in which the fan is housed. By lowering or raising the bottom section of the chimney the recirculation opening can be increased or decreased. The reason for mounting the fan in the bottom section is to enable the fan to pull on the warm inside air and the fresh outside air simultaneously and mix the two air streams. In the top section of the chimney a damper is installed which can also be adjusted automatically to determine the amount of fresh air intake.

TPI-Polytechniek has developed the AARC to be suited in equal pressure ventilation concepts.
When the fan in the AARC takes in the same amount of air as the exhaust fans an equal air pressure is created.

Five reasons to choose for the AARC
We could name more of course, but here are the 5 most significant reasons.

1. Automatic adjustable recirculation opening
The bottom section of the chimney can be automatically adjusted to determine the amount of warm inside air that is recirculated

2. Automatic adjustable damper
The automatic adjustable damper offers optimal control over the amount of fresh air that is taken in.

3. Opening mechanism
A special opening mechanism is developed to offer precision control over the recirculation capacity while maintaining structural strength and integrity.

4. Dividing plate
The dividing plate mounted under the chimney ensures that there is an optimal spread or throw of the air throughout the building.

5. High insulation values
TPI-Polytechniek uses a unique formula for polyurethane. This formula gives very high insulation values and also creates a strong skin for our products. The insulation values prevent condensation effects and guarantee optimal control under all climate conditions.