Working from home, but flexible as always

With the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world we see many countries go in lockdown as also our home country The Netherlands has done. These times require a unique approach to our working life with new methods of keeping in touch with each other while staying safe at home. We find ourselves in an increasingly digital workplace where literally all communications go via the internet or phone. Instead of meeting in person we now video call with our customers and use all kinds of software to work together and share information with colleagues.


This new situation has not swept us off our feet though. At TPI-Polytechnics we have always worked in the cloud and therefore we find it not too difficult to move our work stations into our homes. Our area sales managers are very much focused on staying in touch with their customers as at the moment travelling is at an all-time low. The colleagues at R&D work together via Microsoft Teams and with little to no effort send their prototypes over the internet to the 3D printer at the office. With our offices being almost empty the logistics staff find themselves in a much calmer and therefore safer environment. These colleagues are making sure our stocks are maintained and products are delivered on time at the best possible delivery times.


So far we are doing well, and we sincerely hope all of our customers, readers and friends stay healthy and safe! We are looking forward to meeting in person again in the future!