Polyurethane process

Our products are mostly made out of polyurethane. Below you will find an impression of the material and the production process.



Polyurethane belongs to the group of thermoset plastics. I.e. the material does not have a melting point, contrary to thermoplastics. The material is produced in a mixing process during which two filling components are mixed under control of mixing pressure and temperature.The two components are: Polyole and Isocyanate.

In order to obtain the execellent insulation value, high strength and low weight of the material a third constituent is used; i.e Pentane In our case it is added in thre form of cyclopentane.

An exact amount of pentane is mixed into the polyole and makes that the moulded product will have an inner closed cell structure and a solid outer surface; forming the base of the high strength at a low weight. The use of pentane means that no substances at all cause ozone layer degradation or global warming.

Polyurethane is an unsurpassed material; not sensible for corrosion and is resistant against acids and bases. Its high insulation value does not create condensation at big temperature differences. The small self-weight does not make specific demands on the carrying capacity of the buildings in which the parts are used.



Here we will give you an impression of the production process of polyurethane products: