Air inlet valves

The complete program of air inlet valves, manufactured out of high quality polyurethane, provides perfect solutions in practically all possible ventilation concepts; for poultry as well as pig houses. The inlets, almost all executed with automatic return or opening springs, are available in a wide range of dimensions making projection possible in practically all house concepts and climate conditions.

The use of high quality polyurethane with a very high insulation value, makes our program especially suitable for cold climate areas. The program comprises of a full range of wall inlet valves, ceiling inlet valves, inlet-units for tunnel ventilation. Newly we expanded the program with an air inlet valve with incorporated motor.

The air inlet valves are mostly available with a curved inner flap or a straight inner flap. The inlets with a curved inner flap guide the air in the direction of the animals. This execution is often used for poultry. The straight inner flaps are more often used for pigs preventing the air to be guided directly over the animals.


The several series as you will find them on our site are divided in capacity.
In each series, the available executions are indicated with their own specific details.