Improvement OmniStep 4000
Injection moulded pulley set for PU inlets
Fixation valve closing catch

Improvement OmniStep 4000

In the constant attempt to improve our existing delivery program we have further improved the
functionality of our OmniStep air inlet valve.
The front plate has  been slightly changed. We have added some reinforcement ribs on the front side of the plate to further improve the stiffness of the plate.
We have also been able to improve the concept of the stainless steel closing system which now
assures an even better and more smooth control of the front plate.
Both amendments secures further the required air tightness in case of complete closure.
The OmniStep 4000 air inlet valve is specially designed for those cases where in the several periods or stages really different air flows and air directions are required. Think in particular about houses and cages, aviaries or nests. The air must for example be guided upwards or downwards. It can be useful or needed to be able to guide the air in both directions. An interesting feature is that for each individual inlet this particular end position can be chosen.