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Improvement OmniStep 4000
Injection moulded pulley set for PU inlets
Fixation valve closing catch

Fixation valve closing catch

A few years ago we have introduced a new model of the closing catch
(Type TPI-307). We replaced the small old closing catch type TPI-306 for
this new model. This model was offering a lot of advantages compared to
the old model.

As not all our types of inlets have the same closing on top, the special shape of
this unit, which was inspired by the Archimedes Spiral, assures proper closure.
Because of the spiral-shaped front side it can assure closure also when the levels of flap and frame are not completely the same.

From the market however we now and then received the remark that the closing
catch can get loose, falls down and blocks the closure of the inlet.
A problem that was temporarily solved by means of the blocking screw but now we
believe we found a much better solution.

By putting a small stainless steel spring between the head of the screw and the closing catch we create a constant pressure assuring that the closing catch will stay in its place.
Even when the screw is a little loose, friction is still assured.
This part can also easily be put in existing installations and in case you recognise the  indicated problem, be sure to let us know.  We will provide you, free of charge, with the indicated stainless steel spring. Deliveries as of now will be supplied with the spring. Code number and price of the unit remain unchanged.